kunsthalle weishaupt

Dynamic. Movement in the Collection

till 25.02.2024

Wave patterns, mirror surfaces, flickering light, and dancing bodies! In this selection from the Siegfried and Jutta Weishaupt collection, kunsthalle weishaupt presents works that make movement apparent in many different ways. From dynamic brushwork to mechanically moving reliefs – instead of still images visitors are here offered impulses, vibrancy, and dynamism. These works – drawings, photography, and video art – illustrate how a fixed two-dimensional image can be made dynamic. In Jürgen Klauke‘s photographs, motifs are blurred by using long exposure times. The resulting fuzziness shows how a photographic moment More >

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Spelling Museum in a New Way


Museum Ulm @ kunsthalle weishaupt While the museum buildings will be extensively renovated, converted and partially renovated by autumn 2025, the Museum Ulm will be a guest on the first floor of the kunsthalle weishaupt. From 14 January 2024 the first part of the exhibition “Spelling Museum in a New Way” will be on display there, for which the museum team has selected works of art, objects, fragments, tools, stories and incidents from everyday museum life based on the letters of the alphabet to make the museum and the work More >

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Wolfram Ullrich. Overcoming Gravity


The kunsthalle weishaupt is dedicating a solo show to the Stuttgart based artist Wolfram Ullrich (*1961) with works from different phases – including ink drawings on paper, rusty sculptures, large-format floor works and eye-deceptive reliefs made of colored steel.

Since the 1980s, the artist has devoted himself to the question of how flat surfaces can become spatial objects. He uses basic geometric shapes, which he manipulates through cuts or folds. In more recent series of works, strong acrylic colors are added, giving his relief-like works a monochrome, almost industrially manufactured surface. The retrospective solo exhibition introduces Wolfram Ullrich’s artistic world with around 30 works and makes the phenomenon of seemingly weightless steel bodies impressively tangible.


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