kunsthalle weishaupt

Poetry in Painting – Graphic Works by Chagall and His Contemporaries

Installation View Poetry in Painting, Photo: Daniel Scheffold

13.02. - 09.10.2022

The painter-poet Marc Chagall is among the great masters of twentieth-century art. kunsthalle weishaupt is devoting an exhibition to him and further artists from his Paris circle, with around 90 graphic works from 1920 to 1970. When seen together, these works show how differently artists approached the medium of prints for their own specific forms of expression. The exhibition includes very colourful series of images as well as minimalist sketched prints full of wit and spontaneity. In the mid-1960s the collector Siegfried Weishaupt acquired his first work of art – More >

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The Collection

Ausstellungsansicht Jessica Stockholder und Kenny Scharf; Foto: Daniel Scheffold

until 09.10.2022

The presentation of the collection on the 2nd floor of the kunsthalle weishaupt deals with the interrelationship between art and everyday life in European and American art from the mid-20th century to the present day. Around 20 important paintings, installations and sculptures, including those by members of the Arte Povera and Nouveau Réalisme groups, as well as representatives of the Street Art and Pop Art movements, are used to illustrate how the contrasts between everyday objects and painting, popular culture and high culture, club culture and museum context are redefined. More >

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